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About me


Chef with a long professional past, I propose a Modern Natural Cuisine in which the dish is the direct consequence of responsible research.

Starting from the Costa Labronica, of which I am a proud native, I placed the search for flavors at the center of my pilgrimage around the world.

Thanks to my work experiences gained during my career in the restaurant service, in 2018 I was awarded the title of Knight of the Italian Republic.

Modern natural cuisine

Lightness, freshness and taste.


The task of Modern Natural Cuisine is to treat every single ingredient that makes up a dish as a nutritional energy source.

The ultimate purpose of this cooking philosophy is to preserve the freshness and all the nutritional values of food until it is time to ingest them so that they have a beneficial impact on the human body.

"When I prepare food with simple ingredients, I never think about which is the most expensive and which is the poorest, but I interact with the freshness, the flavor, its energy, the essence of each of them."

Technical advices


I offer technical advice on responsible and sustainable management of the food sector to companies that want to guarantee their eco-sustainability in the future through the inclusion of the kitchen activity in a circular economy plan.

Private cuisine


My vision of Modern Natural Cuisine has no limits of potential and can be performed in homes or outdoors, at the table or during a picnic. Its simplicity helps to make it an experience of tasty well-being.

Cooking teaching


When you cook in your own private setting, you follow the ancient discipline of transforming an ingredient.

This is why it is important to have even minimal knowledge of the types of cooking and of the way to treat food. Even those who follow a diet prescribed by a nutritionist, in this way can get the maximum results in terms of well-being and taste.Moreover, paying attention to obtaining as little waste as possible, significantly affects the economic saving of shopping.

My private lessons are used to learn the guidelines of the kitchen starting from the basics to get to a greater level of depth.




"NATURALMENTE" is a fruit, vegetable and cooking project, aimed at the well-being of people and respect for the environment.

The project is currently Work in progress.